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Bold Smart Lock Cylinder SX33 & Bold Connect Auto Door Lock

by Bold
KD 59.000

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Quick Overview:
The Bold Smart Lock & Connect is a WIFI enabled smart cylinder designed for easy and safe access control where keys are no longer needed.

Enter and leave your home without having to worry about a key with the Bold Smart Lock. The Bold Smart Lock has an SKG three-star rating which is the heaviest possible burglary resistance classification they give. Now with the added Bold Connect, this enables your Bold Smart Lock to be permanently connected through Wi-Fi to manage and control your locks from the app from anywhere. With a slim form factor, mounting options and a USB(C) interface for an external flexible power supply the Bold Connect can be easily installed anywhere, out of sight, or integrated into existing access control solutions. Easy set-up as available locks are automatically discovered.

Features and Benefits
  • Car Entry – Thanks to its auto-activation functionality, the Bold Smart Lock automatically unlocks as soon as you approach the door. So from now on, you can leave your smartphone in your pocket. The auto-activation function starts as soon as you reach the lock within a radius of 200 meters. As soon as you are in the Bluetooth range of the lock, the lock activates once. After this, you only have to open the lock and step inside.
  • Backup PIN – The Bold Smart Cylinder is completely keyless, even if you've forgotten your smartphone once or if its battery runs out. In that case, you can always open the door with a backup PIN code. You generate this code yourself in the Bold app and enter it by turning the outside knob.
  • Suitable for – The Bold fits all doors with an inner dimension up to 45 mm. The distance from the centre of the cylinder to the inside of the door must not be less than 35 mm.
  • Battery life of 2 years – The Bold Smart Cylinder is easy to install without wiring. By applying new techniques with low power consumption, the battery lasts at least 2 years. Even with intensive use of 25 activations per day. The lifespan is therefore many times longer than with motorized smart locks.
  • SKG **** Certification – The Bold Smart Cylinder SX has been certified by SKG with 4 stars. This gives the product the heaviest possible burglary classification. Because the Bold Smart Cylinder can also be used in combination with anti-corruption seizures, you don't give burglars a chance.


  • 100% keyless access using Wifi and app
  • Replaces all Euro profile cylinders. 35mm inside- 45mm max outside dimensions
  • Easy DIY installation – no wiring
  • Over 2 year’s battery life
  • 4 Star SKG Certification - Highest possible safety
  • Digital safety by two-factor authentication and end-to-end data encryption
  • Unlock the door with iOS/Android smartphone
  • Set up users, access types, PIN and more with the free Bold app
  • Remote Activation
  • Remote Lock settings
  • Long range
  • Dimensions: D 6.4 x W 6.4 x D 15.9 cm
  • Colour: Stainless Steel


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