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Bowling Combination Table - 85 Cm OBO0

by Wemzy
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The bowling table game has sound and light effects and an electronic screen to display the results. the game is intended for one or two players. place the ball in the starting position, aim and shoot with the handle. the aim of the game is to knock down as many cones as possible. the product has the ability to set the sound volume, light, has the ability to select the game mode and the button to turn on / off and pause during the game.

Bowling provides children with hours of fun and entertainment
Bowling helps develop children's integration, concentration, and orientation skills
The game encourages interaction between children and promotes friendships, team spirit and cooperation
The game comes with a colorful and interesting design that attracts children's attention
Designed to be made of high quality and safe materials
Bowling is suitable for all ages, making it an ideal choice for families and friends
Easy to install and store
Game components:-
Bowling alley
Ball racket
Bottle base
3 balls
5 bowling pins

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