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Smart Vfit Sports Plus Watch - Black-77MO

by Smart
KD 9.900

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Quick overview:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Keep track of your heart rate whenever you jog or cycle to know
  • if your workout sessions are effective or not. Alter your
  • exercise routine depending on your heart rate to make the most of
  • all your efforts. It's advised that you wear this Vfit Active can
  • detect your pulse more accurately.
  • Steps Count
  • If walking is your physical activity of choice, you can keep
  • track of the number of steps you take each day with this Vfit
  • Active. This way, not only will you know how many steps you've
  • taken, but how many more you need to take to meet your daily
  • target.
  • WhatsApp Notification
  • Whenever someone messages you on WhatsApp, this Vfit Actives
  • screen will display"WhatsApp with message and sender name? to
  • notify you.
  • Your Running Mate
  • If you're trying to shed a few pounds, it's essential that you
  • keep track of the time you spend running, the number of steps you
  • take and the amount of calories you burn. With this Vfit Active,
  • you can do exactly that.
  • Time & Date
  • Apart from the advanced fitness-tracking features that this Vfit
  • Active offers, it also tells you the time and date, serving the
  • basic purpose of a wristband.
  • Your Personal Burn Meter
  • This Vfit Active maintains records on the amount of calories you
  • burn by the day. Now, you can set fitness goals that are
  • customized to your physique to stay in shape.
  • Incoming Call Notification
  • You don't need to reach for your pocket every time you want to
  • find out who's calling you. A quick glance at the screen of this
  • smart band is all it takes to do so. Simply pair this smart band
  • with your smartphone and you're good to go. This smart band
  • supports call notifications with caller ID for users with
  • Android-based phones. For users with iOS-based phones, this smart
  • band will display incoming call notifications as call icons if
  • the number is saved on their smartphone. If not, the smart bands
  • screen displays the entire number.

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