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Engage Ultra Compact 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank PD 45W-M3JI

by Engage
KD 14.000

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Quick Overview:

  • Ultra Compact Design with 10000mAh Battery Capacity
  • LED indicator
  • Graphene technology quick charging with safety
  • PD 45W Support
  • 15W Wireless charging speed
  • Charge 3 Devices simultaneously
  • 3 Years Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
عبدالله المطيري

ليس جيدا وبنك الطاقة هذا ينفذ بسرعه كبيره


Dont buy, waste of money, wrong advertising, battery drains very fast and charging speed is not 45watt.

Ali Alsharrah
The best, smartest ever & Explaining how its work

This power bank is best , smallest, fastest one in the world, u don't believe me ! Go and search for every 10000mAh in the world, you'll never find anyone more than 22.5w , this is real 45w and wireless charging and contain usb 2.0 + gan 3.0 , this one is the best choice in the world now , bravo engage , u did it perfectly ,

Some people's complaining that it drain fast , some said it ridiculous! Honestly they are haters and don't understand how technically the technology works !, this is the fastest small battery ever in the world , it give real 45w , so for 10k mah using the full 45w speed it will work on quad battery cells inside , that mean will drain faster but will charge most biggest battery in full like s21 s22 s23 (ultra) 5000mah battery in almost 70% of the Powerbank capacity, sure it will take 70% because its high power in work for the 45w , but other phones like iphones or any other using 20-25 watts its good and normal like any other Powerbank in the work , even better , i am electronic engineer and know how the watts passing in the phones , so please HATERS , understand that every situation needs certain power , and u must know that this battery is almost a miracle in technology, because impossible to see any 10000 mah Powerbank can work on REAL 45W SPEED , except this one , u don't believe, go and search , if there is real one gives more than 22.5 or 25 , 28w come and blame me . This is the best choice ever in whole world for (small all in one) Powerbank, bigger can do better , but most of people's looking for compact size and fastest one , this one 10000mah with 45w and wireless fast charging and usb 2 + gan usb c 3.0 , this is SMARTLY the best all in one .

Husain Kaid Johar

Best power bank ever used even the build qaulity is very nice

mufaddal Patra
Back up

This is very ridiculous product please do not buy..