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M550 3 Channel 4K+1080P+1080P Dash Cam with WiFi & GPS-C99W

by Azdome
KD 35.000

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Quick Overview:

  • Track Driving Route with GPS-Tracking / Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Hidden infrared LED light / super night vision.
  • Super Capacitor Super Safety Built to survive extreme weather conditions from -20°C to 70°C to meet the needs of extremely hot or extremely cold areas. Providing a longer life-span than lithium ion battery dash cams in the market.
  • 24-hour parking monitoring / smart accident monitoring 24-Hours Parking Monitor only works on an external power source.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
omar al-najjar
problems in video files & rear camera is not good quality

This model works properly only with azdome microsd card as i tried sandisk and adata microsd card both had problems in video files and dashcam takes longer response time , as it is stated in their website about microsd card compatibility which i did not know before buying so, please BE AWARE BEFORE BUYING THIS MODEL ONLY WORKS WITH AZDOME MICROSD CARD PROPERLY maybe it also applies for other models read azdome website before buying or you will regret like i did, as azdome microsd cards are not available in kuwait you have to purchase it online , also , when i called future store they said they are only suppliers they dont repair dashcams. I highly advise to find another dashcam company and check for compatibility to not waste your money.

الموديل هذا يشتغل بدون مشاكل مع ذاكرة خارجية لشركة ازدوم لان جربت شركة سانديسك واي داتا وكان عدة مشاكل في ملفات الفيديو والداش كام الذي ما كنت اعرفه قبل الشراء الرجاء الانتباه وذاكرة ازدوم غير متوفرة داخل الكويت يجب طلب من الخارج وهو مكلف أنا أنصح البحث جيدا في شركة أخرى والتأكد من توافق الكاميرا مع الذواكر الخارجية المتنوعة لعدم الندم بعد الشراء وإضاعة المال والوقت

Girum Aschenaki

Thank you

Mohammad Alowaihan

M550 3 Channel 4K+1080P+1080P Dash Cam with WiFi & GPS


Is it possible for live view?

Nawaf Alshammari

‏من أفضل الكاميرات في السوق المحلي السعر كان مناسب جدا صور 4K لكن إذا شبكت عليها الكامرة داخلية تنزل جودة الصورة إلى 2k يوجد مراجعات لها على ال YouTube